It is our goal during the application process that each applicant and their family comes to know as much as possible about our academy. From individual interviews to classroom visits to filling out the application, we guide the parent and applicant through the entire process. Here's a step by step view.

  1. Call or email the school to arrange a tour.
  2. Take a tour with our Director, Leila Charlesworth. We will provide you with all the required paperwork to take home.
  3. Complete and submit your application form.
  4. We will notify you if your application is successful.  That's it!

During your tour, there is an initial interview and tour with our Director, Ms. Leila. This interview helps us learn more about the applicant and to explain our philosophies. We like to have an open dialogue to answer any questions the parents may have about our application process or the school. This conversation helps us as a teacher/family dynamic to determine the needs best suitable for each child. At that time the family is introduced to our facility with a tour of the school grounds and classrooms.redhillHome-09

If you would like someone to contact you, please fill out the Contact Form. and someone from our knowledgeable staff team will follow-up with you, or call 248 851 4166.

We're Here To Help Your Children Succeed