Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary

The first step into the Elementary Program from Kindergarten.

Both grades 1 and 2 are taught together, with emphasis on them being seen as individuals. The students’ growth is carefully observed and supported to encourage their natural development. Red Hill’s Montessori practice helps children develop creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, time-management skills and care of the environment and one another. These essential skills will prepare them to contribute to society to become fulfilled persons. As a Montessori Plus school we also meet all curriculum standards of education, leading our students to maximize their potential and learning.elementary

In mathematics, concepts are explained using Montessori materials, so the students understand the entire concept, not just how to do the process. In lower elementary we develop skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with word problems for further understanding. We cover place value into the millions which leads into the concept of expanded form math.   Students will also understand fractions, geometry (2D and 3D shapes), explore time and money leading into supporting word problems, work in measurement, read and graph data using pictographs, bar graphs, line graphs and pie graphs. We also do speed math drills weekly (Math Dash) to monitor all students’ progression in recalling facts.

In reading, we practice independent reading daily and also implement reading comprehension. Each student is placed at their “independent” reading level and is given work accordingly. Guided reading in small groups is done weekly and followed up with questions to ensure comprehension. Some books read include and are not limited to: An I Can Read Books, Amelia Bedelia, Cam Jansen, Magic Tree House series, Horrible Harry series, Nate the Great series, and many more!

In Language Arts, we implement daily grammar work including: nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, homophones, homographs, and compound words. We also start to develop cursive writing, writing sentences, paragraphs, short narratives, stories, folktales, and poems.

We also will incorporate computer skills into our weekly curriculum. Keyboard skills and the MobyMax program will be implemented in school and at home.

Special Projects/Presentations:

In Lower Elementary, students’ present science fair projects, state-research, biographical research, recycle projects, and poems. We also will be doing fun hands-on experiments relating to our Science and Social Studies topics throughout the year.

Major Characteristics of Lower Elementary:

~ Freedom of choice, which involves decision making, students’ select most work according to interest with guidance from the teacher.

~ A long period of independent work time is provided daily.

~ There is close student-teacher interaction that enables complete and precise evaluation of students’ progress in all areas of development.

~ Our classroom is peaceful, calming, and organized, and integrates art and nature, promoting a relaxed feeling.