Pre K

Pre K

The Goal of Montessori Education is to cultivate a natural desire in a child for learning.                                                    

The carefully planned structured environment of our PreK classroom strives to do just that!

Here the child experiences the excitement of learning by her choice and is helped to perfect her natural tools or skills for learning so that her abilities are at the maximum in future learning situation.

 She chooses her own work within a framework set by the teacher. The curriculum is molded according to the need of the individual child.

The classroom has five areas of learning. Practical life Sensorial Mathematics Language and Science/Geography/ Cultural

Each area helps the child to develop concentration confidence coordination independence and sense of order. Our teaching fosters the development of the whole personality of the child, not merely her intellectual faculties but also the social, emotional intellectual physical and spiritual

Classrooms are materials-based, allowing the child many opportunities to initiate activities, to explore and to practice

The materials are child sized, self-correcting and organized to promote independence and success.

We take special pride in our reading program. Our children begin to read at a very early age. Our children are provided with carefully designed, sequential opportunities to assist them as they build beginning reading concepts. They learn to read commonly used words through flash cards. They identify the sounds of the letters and learn to blend. Reading and comprehension plays a major role in language.

Pre math skills are introduced enabling the child to recognize numbers and their values. More advanced kids move on to single and double digit Addition. They are encouraged to initiate their own activities and to work toward completion and mastery with responsibility for the classroom materials. They are encouraged to be problem solvers and critical thinkers.

Our Classroom supports Peace Education. In our culturally diverse environment, they are encouraged to respect and appreciate each other.